Should You Tip Your Tattoo Artist? What to Know

Should You Tip Your Tattoo Artist? What To Know

Tipping a service provider is a customary token of appreciation based on time, craftsmanship, and connection. When you sit down in someone’s chair for a tattoo, you’re paying for one-of-a-kind artistry and unmatched talent, both deserving of a healthy tip. If you’ve ever asked yourself if you should tip your tattoo artist, the answer is yes. Here’s what you need to know!

Standard Tattoo Tipping Procedures

The standard for tipping is generally between 18 and 20 percent for any service received, which is true for dining, artwork, rideshares, and much more. But tattoos can take a different standard based on the amount of time it takes to complete the work and the amount of detail required by the artist to achieve a quality piece. Tattoos are permanent pieces of artistry hand-captured by a skilled artist. A tip recognizes their efforts, time, and artistry.

A good rule of thumb is to consider the size of your tattoo, as this will outline the smaller details when trying to figure out an appropriate tip. If the tattoo takes an hour or less, a 20 percent tip may be appropriate. But when the time stretches into multiple hours, you’ll want the tip to reflect the artist’s commitment to your artwork. This can range from 20 dollars to 50 dollars or more, depending on the tattoo.

What if My Tattoo Takes Multiple Sessions?

A common question you should know when wondering if you should tip your tattoo artist is what to do when there are multiple sessions. When you and the artist agree that a piece of work will take multiple sessions, consider spreading your tip across the sessions and leaving the larger tip for the final sit down. This is a great way to reward your artist’s work without requiring you to tip a large sum all at once.

Cash Is King

Many tattoo shops will ask you to pay cash, so you’ll need cash for a tip. In some instances, shops will honor debit and credit cards for the tattoo itself, but you should still tip the artist with cash.

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