How Long Does it Take for Your New Tattoo to Heal?

How Long Does It Take for Your New Tattoo To Heal?

It’s no secret that tattoos can be a great way to showcase your unique style or express yourself, but the before and after processes are just as important as the design itself. After all, you want to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and looks amazing for years to come.

How long does it take for your new tattoo to heal, and what should you expect of the process? We dive into the answers below.

Factors That Influence Healing Time

Every person’s skin is unique, and there are a few factors that can affect healing time. For instance, age, lifestyle habits, the type of ink used, and how deep the needle penetrates the skin all play an important role in determining how quickly you’ll see finished results.

Additionally, different areas of the body take longer or shorter amounts of time to heal, depending on how much skin mass the art takes up.

Average Healing Time

On average, tattoos can take up to four weeks to fully heal. This timeline usually begins within a few days after you receive the tattoo and continues until there’s no scabbing, bleeding, or redness.

During this healing phase, you must care for your new ink by following the proper aftercare instructions and keeping the artwork clean and moisturized. Ask your artist about the best moisturizing topicals for their ink and tattoo style so that you can use something compatible with the healing journey.

Signs of Healing

The first sign that a tattoo is healing correctly is when the scabbing begins to flake off, usually within one to two weeks of completion. After this, you may also start to notice the redness and inflammation begin to fade away if it hasn’t already done so.

As the healing process continues, your tattoo will become more vibrant and should look as good as new after about four weeks. You may want to continue the aftercare protocols to preserve the artistry for the long haul.

Common Issues

Although it’s normal for a tattoo to take some time to heal, there are certain issues that can arise if you don’t take care of it. For instance, avoid picking at the scabs and never scratch or rub the freshly inked skin.

Abrasive behaviors can irritate the healing process and potentially increase the risk of infection. Additionally, be sure to keep any ointments and lotions away from your new tattoo during the healing process, and only use the topicals designed for tattoo health and healing.

So, how long does it take for your new tattoo to heal? You can expect this journey to last up to four weeks with proper aftercare. Don’t overthink it; four weeks is worth it for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of body art.

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