Nick Matic Artist Profile

Nick Matic

Resident Artist

#American Traditional #Portrait #Realism #Pets & Animals #Religious #Chicano #Avant Garde #Letter & Script #Fine-Line #Black & Grey #Black & White

Nick Matic's journey from Cleveland, Ohio, to New York City is a testament to his dedication to artistic expression and storytelling. After graduating with a BFA in Communication Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Nick began shaping his career as a tattoo artist in 2010, focusing on Black & Grey realism. He specializes specializes in Chicano art, religious iconography, and Greek mythology. His diverse client list includes doctors, lawyers, NFL players, and other individuals from all walks of life. This reflects the universal appeal of his work and the connections he has made through his artistry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nick's hobbies and personal interests showcase a multifaceted individual with a broad appeal. From an interest in fine watches and tailored suits to exploring new destinations around the world, to being an avid fan of both Formula 1 and American football, Nick's interests resonate with a wide audience. His experiences reflect the relatable journey of pursuing a passion while also embracing a variety of interests, connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, and finding common ground through shared experiences and artistry.