Maria Alvarez Artist Profile

Maria Alvarez

Resident Artist

#Portrait #Realism #Photo-Realism #Hyper-Realism #3D #Pets & Animals #Contemporary #Avant Garde #Art Fusion #Fine-Line #Color #Black & Grey #Black & White

My name is Maria Alvarez. Born and raised in Spain, I now find myself living in New York, co-owning the Spanish studio 'Lumbre Studios.'

My journey with art began at the tender age of three, pencil in hand, a curiosity that eventually led me to the world of tattooing in late 2017. This was right after completing my degree in industrial design. Art, in its myriad forms, has always been a part of my life, but tattooing captivated me like nothing else.

Over the years, my profession has offered me the incredible chance to travel, working in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, LA, and now New York. Being a jury member at multiple conventions and winning awards in Italy and Switzerland. I've gained immense respect for artists who showcase their work, fully understanding the exhaustion and stress involved.

My mantra is simple: always keep learning. This unquenchable thirst for exploration, combined with my love for nature, is vividly reflected in my tattoos. I seek to blend my vision with my clients' stories, capturing something profoundly personal on their skin—a canvas that they entrust to me forever. To me, 'forever' is not just a word; it's a responsibility, a commitment to authenticity and respect in my art.