Daniela Pusateri Artist Profile

Daniela Pusateri

Resident-guest Artist

#Portrait #Realism #Black & Grey

From the earliest memories I have, art has been the central pillar of my existence. For over seven years now, I’ve channeled this lifelong passion into the realm of tattooing, specializing in black and grey realism. This focus isn’t arbitrary; it’s a culmination of years spent honing my craft, drawing, and delving into the study of anatomy and art with a dedication that borders on obsession.

Before the ink and the needles, my canvas varied from the tangible - acrylics, pastels, pencils, oils, where I explored the depths of traditional painting - to the commercial, designing illustrative masterpieces for skateboards, logos, album covers and clothing. Yet, the constraints on creativity led me to seek a broader canvas, where the ink could flow unbounded by the contours of conventional norms. Tattooing became the outlet where I could merge my knowledge of skin, illustration, composition, and fine arts into a singular expression of creativity.

I thrive on executing large concepts, transforming vast expanses of skin into detailed narratives that wrap around limbs, each telling a story as intricate as life itself. Beyond tattooing, my life is a testament to the belief that art is not confined to a single medium. As a yogi, I explore the art of movement and mindfulness. As a nail artist, I bring miniature canvases to life with every stroke. And as a painter, I return to my roots, continually exploring new expressions of my vision.

In every line, every shade, and every color, I am a testament to the transformative power of art, from the canvas to the skin and beyond.