Carolina Caos Avalle Artist Profile

Carolina Caos Avalle

Resident-guest Artist

#Art Fusion #Hyper-Realism #Color #Pop Art #3D

I'm Carolina Caos Avalle, I work at the "RoyaleInk collective" in Voghera in the province of Pavia and in the United States, especially at Inked in NYC.
I was born in Milan but I live and work in Voghera. I'm 35 years old and I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, I've been tattooing for about 11 years.
When I met my current partner and colleague Stefano Galati my journey began.
I taught myself, and it was really difficult. My approach started from painting, drawing, and my previous studies in graphics and illustration and from there I tried to understand how to translate this into the tattoo.
Before tattooing I studied psychology, and I graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan. I have done countless jobs, in animation studios, for publishers, created graphics for various activities and companies, even as a cake designer. I love to paint, not for work.
I love travelling, I have done countless guest appearances and collaborations in recent years, many tattoo conventions where I have put myself to the test in numerous contests, and won more than 50 I have an almost entirely foreign clientele. And for this reason a year ago I also started working in the United States. I alternate periods in Italy with periods in various parts of the USA. This allows me to travel a lot. this has always been a great passion of mine. I love my job because it allows me to do what I love from various points of view.

I began this journey having to compare and learn numerous styles and execution techniques thanks to which over time I managed to create my own personal interpretation by fusing them together to create unique and harmonious compositions.
So my style is the fruit of my studies and my background, and is always evolving.
Stefano Galati and I often carry out work in collaboration upon specific request of the client, especially if the projects are very large. What unites us is a harmony found from the beginning both at work and in private life, perhaps also for this reason, having two totally different styles, we are able to blend them together and find this harmony also in our projects. I take care of the illustrative, realistic part and the setting up of the project, Stefano more of the graphic aspect and the balancing of the project on the interested part, studying its final shape, weights and balances based on the shapes of the body. We would like to create new collaborations and study and experiment with new ideas and solutions.

I have always loved painting and illustration. Unfortunately, I managed to dedicate little time to it.
Tattooing takes up 90% of my time and my life.
The sessions are always 6 to 8 hours long per session, without adding the previous preparation, the relationship with the client before, during and after the session, the explanation of the project, the preparation of the stencils, etc.
Besides this each project design requires a lot of work. From 10 hours up sometimes days. There is a lot of work behind every tattoo.