Amanda Artist Profile


Resident Artist

#Black & Grey #Color #Fine-Line #Photo-Realism #Watercolor #Dotwork #Flora & Fauna

Amanda was born in Texas at sunrise. The rising light brought with it many forms and expressions of creativity, adventure, sweetness and play. She spent her early years drawing, painting, dancing and singing. She started studying oil painting at 14 years old. Then dove into the magical world of photography for 7 years. But her passion led her back into painting and introduced her into the dynamic world of tattoo. She then spent 4 years in Costa Rica, painting and tattooing in the jungle. Then 4 years in Maui, where tattooing and fusion dancing became her main focus. She is now here in New York sharing your love for realism and surrealism tattoos. From small to big. Black and grey and color. Amanda has a great eye for detail and loves working with people. Animals, people and plants are her specialty. But is constantly seeking creative growth and spontaneity.