Alex Santo Artist Profile

Alex Santo

Resident-guest Artist

#Black & Grey #Color #Neo-Traditional #Pets & Animals #Watercolor

Alex Santo is an award-winning artist and owner of Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos in London, UK. In his tattooing career, which spans 10+ years, he has focused his artistic vision on realism work - whether colour or black and grey - with a mix of graphic elements, brush strokes and geometry.

Alex loves tattooing anything pop culture related, such as scenes from a movie, album artworks or video game characters. He is also passionate about working with themes regarding natural elements such as floral and animal designs, and general portraiture work. Besides tattooing, Alex dedicates his artistic skills to photography, painting with acrylics, music production and 3D modelling.

Since 2022, Alex has been splitting his time between working at his London studio and at Inked NYC, as well as different tattoo conventions around the world.