Alena Wedderburn Artist Profile

Alena Wedderburn

Resident Artist

#Portrait #Realism #Hyper-Realism #Ethnic #Pets & Animals #3D #Avant Garde #Black & White #Black & Grey

Originally, Alena did not have plans to become a Tattoo Artist. She was actually leaning more towards becoming a Doctor (which her Mother pushed for) but, as she says “chemistry was a b*tch for me so it never happened and I changed plans at the last minute.” A few months before she graduated, she started taking architecture classes in a nearby city which is where her talents really started to show. She was always artsy growing up but no one ever really paid attention, as to them, it was always just for fun. Once she started winning awards for her architecture designs, that is when people started to notice and her Mother supported her new dream of being an artist professionally.