Juan Topo Espinoza Artist Profile

Juan Topo Espinoza

Resident Artist

#Avant Garde #Abstract #Black & Grey #Fine-Line #Micro #Illustrative

Juan Carlos Espinoza "Topo Tattoo" is an Ecuadorian tattoo artist based in New York with more than 8 years of experience in the tattoo industry.

Since he was a child, Topo was surrounded by a family of artists, musicians and writers. Being immersed in this world enriched his artistic vision and allowed him a very natural flow to express himself through art. Topo, along with his brother, created artistic games in which they drew random lines to then find and create a pattern as the basis of an illustration. This process evolved and became a cornerstone in his creative process of making artistic pieces. This family culture of soaking everything in art has allowed him "a process of constant evolution, an introspective analysis of everything", as Topo himself says.

Topo specializes in his own style, which combines illustration, realism and geometry, and his touch of Glitch or segmenting in each work. This allows the art to move from geometric aesthetics to an organic piece that combines art and mind in mutual balance. His art has taken him to several tattoo conventions around the world, his art has been shared in several tattoo magazines. Shortly after his arrival in New York, he was invited to be an artist at several Tattoo Studios. He then became part of the team of Inked Nyc! Where he currently carries out his artistic work.