Patrick Fumfar Artist Profile

Patrick Fumfar

Resident-guest Artist

#Black & Grey #Grey Wash #Realism

Based in NYC.

In the heart of Bremen, Germany, resides an artist known as Patrick Fumfar, a self-taught tattoo virtuoso and studio owner, began his artistic journey by etching his dreams into his skin. His relentless quest for mastery led him from home-based tattooing to a professional studio.

Unconventionally educated, he sought inspiration from top artists through seminars and meetings, forging a unique path. Patrick excels in black-and-grey realism, yet he's still discovering his signature style, drawing from ancient myths and the old masters.

His creations resonate with mystique, weaving ancient stories like the Nemean lion, Medusa, and Perseus into contemporary masterpieces. He seeks to create art that will find its place in history.

Mythologies and fables fuel his art, reflecting his childhood fascination. His inspiration springs from ancient tales, often combining AI-generated references, pushing the boundaries of realism.

For Patrick, tattooing is art, work, and therapy. A project close to his heart is an ongoing body art journey for a friend, creating a unique bond.

Beyond his studio, Patrick is an avid traveler, having explored over 20 countries, each place leaving an indelible mark. Tattoo conventions provide both inspiration and connection with fellow artists.

His idols span the tattoo industry and beyond, including Mark Wosgerau, Inal Bersekov, and others. The future holds extensive travel plans and aspirations to work with Inked NYC in the vibrant artistic scene of the Big Apple. Patrick Fumfar, the inked poet, invites you to explore his artistic journey.