Neil Chetcuti Artist Profile

Neil Chetcuti

Resident-guest Artist

#Abstract #Black & Grey #Realism

Neil is a Maltese artist whose passion for art runs deep, rooted in his family’s history of artistic talent. Growing up surrounded by his great-grandfather’s paintings, he developed an innate appreciation for art from a young age. Drawing became his outlet, a way to express his creativity and imagination. It was through this passion that Neil’s interest in tattooing was sparked.

Neil's distinctive style merges vintage influences with modern elements, resulting in uniquely textured designs. Using unconventional materials like bubble wrap, tape, and graffiti, he adds depth and character to his artwork, creating pieces that are both timeless and innovative.

In an era where social media magnifies every stroke in the industry, Neil's unwavering dedication to originality compels him to craft unique concepts.