Andrea Fiorenza Artist Profile

Andrea Fiorenza

Resident Artist

#Black & Grey #Illustrative #Hyper-Realism

Andrea Fiorenza, a tattoo artist with over 10 years of experience, roots himself in the vibrant eternal city of Rome.
Guided by a passion for art from a young age, he immerses himself in the unique world of tattoos.

Specializing in black and grey realism, Andrea approaches each project with artistic skill, playing with shadows and lights to create tattoos that tell profound stories. His career leads him to exciting challenges, participating in renowned European conventions and managing tattoo studios across different parts of the continent.

Beyond his artistic skills, Andrea is a creative innovator and a competent manager, infusing versatility and entrepreneurial vision into his work. With unwavering dedication to perfection, he loves guiding aspiring tattoo artists into the captivating world of tattooing.